Mexico lower house voted for recreational cannabis

Mexico’s lower house voted to liberalize the nation’s marijuana laws in a bid to create the world’s biggest legal market for the substance and cut drug cartel profits. The initiative passed the chamber handily in general terms, with 316 lawmakers voting in favor, 129 opposing and 23 abstaining. — says.

Since now the country only needs to make this new bill be compatible to the bill passed by the senate before, a sort of double-check by the lawyers, and then the ultimate signature of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is turning the cannabis bill of into law.

Exactly what they’ve just recently promised, a month or two ago: that Mexico (with its 130 million ihabitants) is going to be the biggest legal recreational market in the world for cannabis in a few months, along with Canada in fact sandwitching the US’s cannabis efforts economically.

Mon, 15/Mar/21

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