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Frenchy Cannoli the hashish-maker dies at 64

Sun, 01/Aug/21

Master hashish-maker, “Michelin Star” hashishin, educator and activist, cannabis pioneer Frenchy Cannoli died at age 64 on July 18th, 2021 due to complications from surgery.

Frenchy Cannoli Hashish Making

Image: Frenchy Cannoli Brand

— Living in a cave or makeshift shelter at 8,000 feet for months at a time, days away from civilization is not the type of vacation most people would enjoy, but I thrived. I was not only living my childhood dream; I was also living a Hashishin’s dream.



Marley Natural® Cannabis Dispensary Opens at the Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica, Kingston

Wed, 16/Jun/21

The Marley family announced that the Marley Natural® dispensary shall be opened at the Bob Marley’s former home and recording studio, which is now the Bob Marley Museum, in Kingston, Jamaica. Marley Natural is a cannabis brand where the Marley family in partnership with Docklight Brands Inc. hold the exclusive global rights to Bob Marley cannabis-related products.

“Along with music, herb was such an important part of my father’s life. He was always a strong advocate for marijuana and all of its healing qualities. We are thrilled to honor him and his contribution to the world of music and now cannabis at the Bob Marley Museum,” said Stephen Marley.

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Virginia has introduced the government cannabis website “Cannabis in Virginia”

Fri, 11/Jun/21

VIRGINIA has just introduced recently the government cannabis website, check it out over here:

Among primary goals the website targets to inform about the current condition of the cannabis legislation, licensing, etc; also educating about the medical application of the drug and other effects.

Virginia snapshot:

— Sharing (gifting) is allowed for physical persons between each other with a limitation on amount (one ounce), but not for the businesses, no selling, no gifting, no distribution, by no means;

— For a possession by an adult of more than one ounce but less than one pound the fine shall be $25;

— While sharing, there should not be any other “transaction” around, giving weed should be separate from any other exchange between the same adults;

— Home Cultivation shall be legal starting 1st of July 2021

All up-to-date information is here: “Cannabis in Virginia” Website


Seth Rogen states he’s smoked weed everyday for 25 years

Mon, 31/May/21

In the interview to Good Morning Britain Seth Rogen claimed he’s been smoking marijuana everyday for 25 years, also touching few other aspects of marijuana and alcohol consumption in the interview.

Well, shall we admit that the weed-dealer (now we call ’em marijuana-brokers) of Seth Rogen was a great guy, and a good businessman! As for me personally I’ve never could get weed that effectively on the everyday basis, never in my life till now and in times of prohibition especially 😋👍

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People’s Remedy, California dispensaries pioneered accepting cryptocurrencies

Mon, 10/May/21

The chain of dispensaries in California, People’s Remedy, has pioneered accepting cryptocurrencies for its medical cannabis products, ahead of the whole market. Even though no psychoactive cannabis hits this news yet, this is a big historical record, and a great achievement. Landing on the moon, no less. Maybe a small landing onto a small moon, however it is history in making.

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