New York City has just legalized recreational marijuana

Wed, 07/Apr/21

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York City has signed a bill that legalized the recreational use, sale and growing of marijuana with the immediate effect on smoking in public, possession and growing at home, pretty everything except of sale where more regulations are yet required,

Find more details in the NY Post message from 31st of March 2021

Now you may light up in public where tobacco use is already allowed, carry three ounces in your pocket, plant up to 12 plants at home and keep a stock of up to five pounds,

Fox News unveils the NYPD’s plans and concerns (click to discover)

Felicitations New York.


Mexico lower house voted for recreational cannabis

Mon, 15/Mar/21

Mexico’s lower house voted to liberalize the nation’s marijuana laws in a bid to create the world’s biggest legal market for the substance and cut drug cartel profits. The initiative passed the chamber handily in general terms, with 316 lawmakers voting in favor, 129 opposing and 23 abstaining. — says.

Since now the country only needs to make this new bill be compatible to the bill passed by the senate before, a sort of double-check by the lawyers, and then the ultimate signature of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is turning the cannabis bill of into law.

Exactly what they’ve just recently promised, a month or two ago: that Mexico (with its 130 million ihabitants) is going to be the biggest legal recreational market in the world for cannabis in a few months, along with Canada in fact sandwitching the US’s cannabis efforts economically.


Senator Schumer enables federal cannabis legalization again

Wed, 17/Feb/21

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, one who has filed the marijuana descheduling bill back in 2018, now (in 2021) suggests to allow states act on their own decision with a full freedom when it comes to marijuana, and that’ll be the next step towards that real federal legalization we all want so much.

“I don’t want to see these big tobacco companies coming in and shoving everyone out,” he said.

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Philippines launch the Cannabis Bill

Sat, 09/Jan/21

One of the most recent “activities” against marijuana plants and supporters has started not decades ago but in 2015 in Philippines, and they’ve got certainly one of the worst scenarios of it counting tens of thousands of deaths of “drug dealers”, the whole world is praying for it to be over. And now, suddenly:

People of Philippines believe in Santa again!

In the mid of December — days before Christmas! — the government of Philippines — Surprisingly — Voted — The Cannabis Bill, No 3961. This is the highest point of Duterte’s hypocrisy, however, it’s obviously a much better situation than it was a month ago: the bill is set to regulate cultivation and export of medical cannabis and having a goal to make medical marijuana be available to Filipinos.

Felicitations Philippines!

Source — Philippines Life Style


Happy New Year Stoners, a freebie for you

Sun, 03/Jan/21

classic Pacman javascript cannabis games

Hey! Happy new year to the World!

No ads, no nothing, a pure Pacman classic gameplay and a charming old-school 8bit sound you will discover — and it’s totally mobile-friendly.

What a small beautiful finding, here we have a so well-recognized piece of the world’s game heritage to waste an amount of time playing, when already stoned, hahaha.

In the game these little ghosts behave all different, isn’t it amazing? You’d better keep it mind when building your winning strategy, this is the classic masterpiece, THE good ‘ol Pacman here — Enjoy!


It’s not the Wild West, says FTC’s message to all the CBD marketers

Wed, 30/Dec/20

There’s one thing to remind to all the CBD marketers from the Federal Trade Commission on their official website:

“It’s not the WILD WEST out there!”

In fact, health-related representations for CBD products are subject to the same established requirements of scientific substantiation the FTC has applied to any advertised health claim. So for sake of trustworthy information spread all around to end-consumers this enforcement is supposed to sweep any unproven representations that CBD products would treat diseases and serious medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. — full list of approved claims here