Magic Mushrooms in Oregon

Wed, 04/Nov/20

Oregon becomes the first state in the US to legalize psychedelic mushrooms, also known as “Magic Mushrooms” or simply “Shrooms”. Congratulations Oregon.


What is Hempwood?

Mon, 26/Oct/20

Hempwood grows 120 days, compared to 50 years or more of an oak tree, they say. I wonder is it same strength and reliability as an oak? After-all the humanity used oak BEFORE the Prohibition. Curious, no less.


Chess game Vs. Computer

Sat, 17/Oct/20

Discover on this page (and on the main we have it too) the beautiful implementation of the chess game, to play online in a single player mode vs computer intelligence. Whenever you have a spare minute and a strong wish to challenge the AI of a moderate power. It’s nice, at least it does not kill me in five moves, lol.. Click on the box below as it is actually a button to start the chess game!

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p: 00000000 t: 00.000 positions/sec: 000000

Original Chessboard — Chris Oakman (MIT license)

AI implementation — Jeff Hlywa (BSD license)