Project Twenty21 of the United Kingdom is set to study weed

Project Twenty21 in the United Kingdom has recently started flourishing. Following the evalanching market trends it targets to find out the commercial and social “truth” about marijuana, psychedelics, shrooms and other drugs.

“We will not shy from speaking our minds” — the team of scientists shouts out on their about page. Of course you won’t. It’s the year Twenty21 already here, hello? no one is shy here, the whole world is not shy. The “shyest” countries of the world quite recently were killing people for a joint and they are not shy nowadays, why would you, Project Twenty21?

NB! Cannabis, Football and Love affairs may cause death indirectly if improperly used, no one agues in the year Twenty21. Their mission however appears at least outdated curious, and therefore the goals — hazy enough. Thoughts?

Mon, 26/Apr/21

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