Virginia has introduced the government cannabis website “Cannabis in Virginia”

VIRGINIA has just introduced recently the government cannabis website, check it out over here:

Among primary goals the website targets to inform about the current condition of the cannabis legislation, licensing, etc; also educating about the medical application of the drug and other effects.

Virginia snapshot:

— Sharing (gifting) is allowed for physical persons between each other with a limitation on amount (one ounce), but not for the businesses, no selling, no gifting, no distribution, by no means;

— For a possession by an adult of more than one ounce but less than one pound the fine shall be $25;

— While sharing, there should not be any other “transaction” around, giving weed should be separate from any other exchange between the same adults;

— Home Cultivation shall be legal starting 1st of July 2021

All up-to-date information is here: “Cannabis in Virginia” Website

Fri, 11/Jun/21

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